Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Orchard

Thought I'd better jot down a few notes on the fruit trees I'm putting in. We have a few acres of southern slope the has a natural gas transmission line across it. Two years ago they leased from me a 25' temporary easement to lay in a new line. Now that work is complete We're left with about 600' stripe of open area that I thought might be a good place to put in some fruit trees. I ask a friend and cidering expert, Tom Peterson about where to get some old varieties and he highly recommended Tim Hensley of Urban Homestead, practically in downtown Bristol. Sure enough, Tim was a great help and quite patient in helping me make selections for 17 trees. I ended up with 5 pear trees 1-Seckel, 2- Bartletts , 1-Moonglow, and 1 - Potomac. On the apple side (descriptions here), 3- Myers Royal Limbertwig, 1 - Calville Blanc D'hiver, 1-Arkansas Black, 1 - King David, 1 - Yellow Transparent, 1 -York Imperial, 2 - Goldrush, 1 - Winesap, and 1 - Grimes Golden. The weather has been unseasonably warm this winter and I hope this will give the bareroot stock time to catch up new root growth on what probably should have been a fall planting before the weather turns hot. Also as instructed, I pruned 1/3-1/2 last year's growth back to balanced the root stress of transplanting. Watering is of vital importance in their first year or two and I need to put in some time of drip system to help them along. I was unable to water them at planting, but we had a good soaking rain the day after and hope that will suffice. I have purchased 6" wove-wire fencing that I'm going to use to put a 5' hoop around each tree as deer are notorious fruit tree eaters.

So give us 3-5 years, stop by and we'll peel and apple or have a drop of cider.

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The Sean said...

Good luck! We just planted about 10 apples and 2 pear 2 years ago. So far the deer have stayed away with simple fencing!